Our Manifesto, for a world with meaning

Our Manifesto, for a world with meaning

Today 1 in 5 young people suffer from depressive disorders, an increase of +80% compared to 2017 (Santé Publique France, 2021). But also 4 out of 10 employees are in a situation of psychological distress (OpinionWay, 2022). This unhappiness therefore affects the most vulnerable, young people and employees who are above all the pillar of our society. This loss of meaning is due to multiple causes: accelerated society, egocentrism, geopolitical and environmental instability among others. We founders of the “School of Life Purpose” want to offer a solution to people who feel a loss of meaning, whether for adults or young people.

For us, every challenge, every success, and every failure teaches us valuable lessons that shape our path toward our life mission. At this school, we cultivate our passions and talents, exploring the many facets of who we truly are. We learn to listen to our heart, follow our intuition, and embrace what makes us unique. In this quest for self-discovery, we build strong bonds, we support each other and we celebrate our successes together.

At the “School of Life Purpose”, we also learn to find our place in the world and to give meaning to our existence. We realize that our vocation is much more than just a profession; it’s our way of contributing to something bigger than ourselves.

So, dear friends, let us not be afraid of the challenges that come our way, because they bring us closer to our ultimate goal. Let us pursue our quest with determination, perseverance and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

And let us always remember that true success is not measured by grades or diplomas, but by being in harmony with our vocation and bringing a unique light into this world

Our vision of the world, in a very natural way:

“I dream of a world where everyone has their place, a world where we accept people as they are without judging them, we appreciate their differences and their uniqueness. A world where there is room for mental and emotional balance, and not just intellect and reason. A world where people are not lost, do not feel broken, where they are connected to themselves, where they nurture their dreams and put aside their fears to get there. It requires connection to oneself, self-knowledge, it involves emotion, the physical and not just the mental. Everyone can find their place, thanks to acceptance, openness, the freedom to be without being in closed patterns, labyrinths with no exit, mental prisons, without automatic robotization but rather a human, connected world. in manual and conscious mode vs automatic and unconscious. We would put humans back at the heart of relationships, at the heart of this fragmented world.” (Hind Frata)

“I dream of a world where the differences of others and of oneself are accepted, and that this difference, seen as a weakness, becomes strength. Which calls into question normality, “what is normality?”. I think that we are repressing things that are very strong and yet unexploited, different from current society. I dream of being in a green world, where nature is present and respected, where the world is more peaceful on a mental, physical and sensory level. In nature, everything is already present, it is complete, it self-times without artificial stimulation. In this world, we listen to others, we question ourselves to move things forward together, with little ego and competition, a world where everyone can contribute something, without judgment. A world where we emphasize more the positive, an authentic positive. This is how we can realign with ourselves and others in order to restore meaning to our life, find the path to our heart.” (Laura Ulysses)

Welcome to SCHOOL LIFE PURPOSE, we are ready to share the adventure with you.

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