I am Laura Ulysse, the founder of "School of Life Purpose," the school that helps you find meaning.


Laura Ulysse

Laura Ulysse is a Doctor in Neurosciences with honors mention Cum Laude. She graduated from 4 European Universities between France, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain. She taught as a Lecturer at Universitat Pompeu Fabra for 5 years and is currently teaching at Neuroscience Business School. She is an expert in Neurosciences, Psychology, and Cognitive Sciences.

Why School Of Life Purpose? I am before all a passionate women and mother about personal development, well-being, and self-alignment. For me, it’s the key to taking control of one’s life and living it to the fullest!


The idea of starting a new concept of school to help people rediscover the meaning of their own lives arose from a simple and current observation. In a chaotic world, more and more people are feeling lost, disconnected, and out of balance.


A person feels disconnected from themselves when their heart and mind no longer dance to the same tune, when their actions no longer reflect their deepest values, and when their path no longer aligns with their true essence.


Furthermore, traditional education and parenting often pay little attention to self-awareness, our life’s purpose, and the respect for our own needs and boundaries. Yet, these are essential elements for growth, self-fulfillment, and living in harmony with our true selves and deep aspirations.

Join us at the “School of Life Purpose” and discover the power of truly knowing yourself, evolving, and flourishing in all aspects of your life!


Together, we can create a world where everyone finds their path to happiness, fulfillment, and inner harmony.

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