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Our dynamic one-hour Coaching Workshops in small groups combine neuroscience and experiential learning to generate transformation through deep awareness, group sharing, an innovative method, and transformative neuroscience tools.

Our method

Our Coaching Workshops blend different approaches, such as:

positive psychology, neuroscience, learning sciences (or cognitive sciences), and social psychology.

These are dynamic Coaching Workshops in small groups of up to 8 people, based on realignment with oneself and others to give meaning to one’s life.

Our method combines neuroscience and experiential coaching.

This method is more or less advanced in a particular area depending on the participants’ age (adults, teenagers, children).

Furthermore, the language used is always tailored, imaginative, and playful.

Positive Psychology

We help you step out of your comfort zone while practicing self-care, learning to love yourself while setting vital boundaries. 


Within positive psychology we question the simple everyday actions that may have played a role in this loss of meaning and how they can, on the contrary, assist us in this realignment process. In part, we address: the role of our thoughts, our emotions, our body posture, the significance of laughter and our breath. We challenge negative self-narratives. We practice gratitude. We set achievable goals. We emphasize surrounding yourself with positive people who support you. We open discussions about social media, self-image, and its positive or negative use.





Neuroscience: How Can It Support Me in Daily Life? What Is the Role of My Brain in This Alignment Process? Neuroscience emphasizes the power of brain plasticity at any age. How to manage significant social, emotional, and physical changes? We provide a solid foundation on the role and strength of emotional intelligence in change management. We delve into the effects of stress and its management on our body, mind, and environment.

Cognitive Sciences

Cognitive or Learning Sciences, what roles do they play? How can we enhance our learning-to-learn methods? We assist you in taking control of your memory, attention, inhibition, and, of course, motivation. We address neurodiversities such as ADHD to raise awareness of empathy, active listening, and non-judgment. We also work on slowing down, breathing, observing, and listening to your body and environment to regain personal and professional balance. We challenge the values of work and help you realign work to its rightful place. 

Social Psychology

Social psychology places the “self” at the heart of today’s society to help us manage our time and social relationships while listening to ourselves. We specifically address change management and how to cope, discussing concepts such as letting go, accelerated digitization, eco-anxiety, grief, illness, work-life balance, money management, family management, and more. 

“Transformative Workshop! Engaging, enriching, and well-guided. Highly recommended for personal development.”

Jane Miller

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